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Slaves At Home – Domestics: The invisible, unquestioned house slave.

The category of Slavery known as “Domestic” is so ubiquitous internationally as to be paradoxically invisible.  The term maid is interchangeable with  house slave.  In many affluent, caste, ethnic, religious or financially divided areas owning maids is an accepted practice .  Some countries have newspaper advertising sections devoted to the buying and selling of maids. We have…

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Slavery – Big Picture/Little Picture & Other Personal Theories: Part 1.

Search the Internet for information on Human Trafficking and you’ll find a large amount of the returns are focused on sex trafficking, specifically girls and women forced into prostitution. Sex trafficking is unarguably a horrendous crime.  The more you investigate the more you learn how it devastates millions of children and adults of both genders around…


China: Gendercide, Human Trafficking To Fill The Void – Now what?

Having traveled a bit in China’s interior years ago and to Hong Kong several times, I’ve always taken interest in developments there.  Now China features heavily in the trafficking news crossing my path, as well as the daily economic and political links between East and West. I find their current situation both fascinating in it’s…

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WHY Hasn’t Congress Reauthorized The Trafficking Victims Protection Act Yet?

Today’s commentary is not my own.  It a posting of ATEST’s letter expressing our concern over the failure to yet pass the TVPA Reauthorization. It says it all.  It’s posted after from The New York Times op-ed below. EDITORIAL The Fight Against Modern Slavery Published: March 21, 2012 President Obama, in convening the annual meeting…

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CHINA: One Child Policy = Exploding Human Trafficking Problem

No mater how nonsensical the equation there’s no denying the immense consequences of female infanticide.   China is not the only country suffering from this problem. They’ve been more public about their policy and have a higher profile but the gender value imbalance around the world has efficiently spread this tragedy like an Old Testament plague. The…

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Middle America: Humans For Sale – Human Trafficking In Lincoln Nebraska

Even now, with regional news stations around the country echoing  surprise that human trafficking is flourishing in small town America, stories like this one are bound to shake people up. Nebraska is not one of the locations you think of when mentally conjuring up a believable place for slave trade in all it’s forms to…

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Falak’s Story: What Will Her Legacy Be?

I’ve said enough about this terrible story in comments below the following article.  You can trace the story back to it’s release. Such a tiny life to touch a world of hearts.  I hope her legacy lasts far longer than her days among us.  Her story is an echo.  The result if we look upon…

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North Korean Nightmare – Running The Gauntlet: Starve or Slavery

Child Brides and forced marriages are present all over the world.  This travesty of “marriage” is readily acepted in many countries even though it is officially illegal.  In some places there is not even a pretence of a sham marriage.  There’s no need. Imagine living under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world,…

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Florida Recognizing The Magnitude Of It’s Human Trafficking Problem

Florida is one of the unfortunate states that has a heavy presence of almost every type of human trafficking. It’s not their fault, they are a “perfect storm” of conditions that traffickers look for in the way of location, multicultural population, accessibility to sources and entry, and the full spectrum of demand: agricultural, tourism, domestic…

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Ireland’s Senators Shock and Outrage Over Trafficking Stats Spur Swift Action

“What happened in the education of men that they think they can buy the bodies of women to have their needs met? What happened to our men that they find this acceptable?” – Independent Senator Zapone Many solutions begin with asking the right questions.While it’s always distressing and shocking to learn that something so repellant…

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The Horror Is That It Generates Surprise: Falak’s Story

I made reference in recent posts to how suprised I am as time progresses and a multitude of the trafficking stories come to light the disbelief with which each media outlet greets the news that human trafficking is local, present, shocking and wrong. Global, yes, but not Here, wherever Here may be.  Literally every continent.…

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Northern Ireland: Two New Human Trafficking Initiatives – What It Could Mean

These are the kind of initiatives that get an abolitionist’s heart (mine anyway), pumping.  The ability to prosecute a citizen who commits trafficking offenses in other countries helps combat: 1) tourism trafficking – usually involving sexually trafficked persons or organ trafficking, and 2) Organized Crime operatives who are links in worldwide networks and involve every type…

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South Africa: Shock over Slavery Is Truly A Global Response

No matter the continent or country you can be certain the response to hearing the magnitude and pervasiveness of slavery is shock and disbelief.  Society is forward looking, addressing the gains we make, the advances in our cultures and beliefs in human rights and equity.   Then we are faced with this darkness we thought…

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US: Myanmar Government Still Uses Forced Labor, weak against Trafficking

Myanmar’s military government has a long history of severe human rights abuse and trafficking of it’s people.  They conscript children as well as adults for labor and soldiers.  The conditions are brutal. The Myanmar Government wishes to have their status raised  from the bottom of the US Trafficking In Persons Report and, after mild reforms…

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US Congress Hears Up Close And Personal About Labor Recruitment Fraud

It appears that labor recruitment firms are the public tip of the iceberg in our own and other governments implicit support of slavery.  For a while it seemed random, just here and there.  The film “Whistleblower”  raised a few eyebrows about it (which hopefully will happen again since it released on Blue-Ray today), but it…