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Slavery – Big Picture/Little Picture & Other Personal Theories: Part 1.

Search the Internet for information on Human Trafficking and you’ll find a large amount of the returns are focused on sex trafficking, specifically girls and women forced into prostitution. Sex trafficking is unarguably a horrendous crime.  The more you investigate the more you learn how it devastates millions of children and adults of both genders around…

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Middle America: Humans For Sale – Human Trafficking In Lincoln Nebraska

Even now, with regional news stations around the country echoing  surprise that human trafficking is flourishing in small town America, stories like this one are bound to shake people up. Nebraska is not one of the locations you think of when mentally conjuring up a believable place for slave trade in all it’s forms to…

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Northern Ireland: Two New Human Trafficking Initiatives – What It Could Mean

These are the kind of initiatives that get an abolitionist’s heart (mine anyway), pumping.  The ability to prosecute a citizen who commits trafficking offenses in other countries helps combat: 1) tourism trafficking – usually involving sexually trafficked persons or organ trafficking, and 2) Organized Crime operatives who are links in worldwide networks and involve every type…

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South Africa: Shock over Slavery Is Truly A Global Response

No matter the continent or country you can be certain the response to hearing the magnitude and pervasiveness of slavery is shock and disbelief.  Society is forward looking, addressing the gains we make, the advances in our cultures and beliefs in human rights and equity.   Then we are faced with this darkness we thought…

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Youngbee Dale: The Worst Form Of Human Trafficking

I can hear wheels turning in some brains.  How can there be a “worst form” of human trafficking or slavery?  How can you rank it? Youngbee Dale unflinchingly shows you how and why such a ranking is possible. I’ve only reposted 2 stories about this aspect of slavery and they never leave me.  When discussing…

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Sudan: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – Eritrean Refugees Kidnapped, Killed By Human Traffickers

Where there is war, famine, draught, economic collapse, kleptocratic government; human trafficking is invariably there.  It’s like a Horseman of the Apocalypse. It’s blatant, horrifying, in the open here.  The sound of hoofbeats are everywhere. I want to scruff every scoffer and drag them to face these terrible graphic examples. Eritrean refugees kidnapped, killed: UNHCR chief (AFP)…

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Brussels: UNHRC, ICC and EU Asked To Halt Organ Trafficking In Sinai

This is not the only place organ trafficking occurs, it’s a global problem, but this area is one of the most extreme, concentrated and contemptuously flagrant offenders. People who delicately turn away from  ‘picturing’ the reality of young trafficked children being raped 10, 20+ times a night will probably leave skid marks over this reality.…

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Passion 2012 Conference draws 42,000+ Students: Raises $3.2 M

Archimedes said, ‘If you give me a lever and a place to stand, I can move the world.’ So can our Youth.  A collection of more than 42,000 young people, mostly high school to college age came out to learn about slavery and how to fight it, not only in principle globally, but with practicality in…

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Havocscope: Stunning Black Market Databse – Slave Price Anyone?

Havocscope is fascinating in it’s breadth of subjects covered and it’s reasoning and purpose.  I have no proof that it is accurate, I’m sharing it with you annectdotally, as I’ve found it. If it is accurate, it’s another information window.  Either way it’s rather chilling.   The price of victims sold to human traffickers is…

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British Council Karachi Official Awards Fake Visa Letters For Trafficking

It’s a mistake to think of human trafficking as only a dirty-knuckled-dragging thug type of business.  The machine is very large, with different levels in sophistication of operations where warranted. The market in false visas and  passports for this use alone is huge internationally.  Sometimes they’re counterfeited, sometimes bribery  for the genuine article. I believe…

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Sri Lanka: 1089 Child Rape And Trafficking Cases in 2011, a drop of 652 Cases

Sri Lanka Police media spokesman SSP, Ajith Rohana releases figures for 2011.  They’re shocking, but they’re put out there for the world to see. We seem to have invisible lobbyists for the express purpose of not tying crimes that could be related to human trafficking  to any anchor definition that might allow even ballpark public estimates…