The Rise of Mobile

Offers a snapshot of the most current research on technology and sex trafficking, with a specific focus on domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) in the United States.


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Tweeting your intentions: Pay attention to your Mentions #HumanTrafficking

I checked my Twitter account this morning to find an interesting, if not perturbing surprise.  I’ve experienced aggravation with the paper*li aggregator in the past, having my post and tweets utilized by people I would rather not do so.  Human trafficking activists are welcome but there’ve been a few users with content I don’t wish to…

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Flying to Freedom: Ideas on stopping the “slave ships” of today.

Trafficking - The transportation of goods or passengers: the action of dealing or trading in something illegal. It’s ironic that a term I’ve long objected to as a proxy for slavery (too ambiguous), should be instrumental in defining part of the solution to the problem. Application of  knowledge to it’s dictionary-defined use, specifically transportation or movement of those considered by their captors as “goods”…

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Middle America Part 2: Humans For Sale – Human Trafficking In Lincoln Nebraska

Dan Holtmeyer’s series continues.  I hope these articles receives  wide exposure. Mr. Holtmeyers ability to unsensationally present and let his carefully researched body of facts speak for themselves is rare and  valuable. Humans for Sale: Human trafficking in Lincoln, Day 2 By Dan Holtmeyer Published: Monday, March 5, 2012 One day about a year ago, a…

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Middle America: Humans For Sale – Human Trafficking In Lincoln Nebraska

Even now, with regional news stations around the country echoing  surprise that human trafficking is flourishing in small town America, stories like this one are bound to shake people up. Nebraska is not one of the locations you think of when mentally conjuring up a believable place for slave trade in all it’s forms to…

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Kimberly Ritter Opens A Hotel Room Door In The Fight Against Sex Trafficking

Kimberly Ritter’s flash of insight and recognition may change the lives of many enslaved children and adults literally worldwide.  It’s brilliant in it’s simplicity and as far reaching as people are able to travel.  It’s also  very easy for individuals to take part in;  ask a hotel a few simple questions and book or not…

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Should You Prosecute A Slave For The Crime For Which They Were Purchased?

This simple question got a possibly inappropriate knee-jerk response from me.  It involves two young Vietnamese defendants who were sentenced for working a cannabis farm.   For those unfamiliar with these operations, the workers are typically, but not always Vietnamese or Chinese minors. They’re kept locked in blacked-out rooms with only the grow lights for illumination.…

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Falak’s Story: What Will Her Legacy Be?

I’ve said enough about this terrible story in comments below the following article.  You can trace the story back to it’s release. Such a tiny life to touch a world of hearts.  I hope her legacy lasts far longer than her days among us.  Her story is an echo.  The result if we look upon…

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Israel: Bill Penalizing Johns Past First Knesset Plenum Hurdle

Hopefully you’re going to see a lot of discussion on Bills like this one; very soon and all over the world.  In many places this model is going to be very effective at helping to protect those trafficked for sex and may drastically reduce demand for prostitution overall. Those who will not be pleased are…

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Margaret Bernstein: Slavery Is Right In Front Of You

Well said. It’s hard.  It needs to be said well over and over and over. Hopefully soon people will begin to believe. Thank you Margaret Bernstein Signs of human trafficking can stay hidden in plain sight By Margaret Bernstein, The Plain Dealer Published: Sunday, February 12, 2012, 8:40 AM Eric Tutstone warned the buyer that the…