Cause for Concern? London Social Services and Child Trafficking

ECPAT UK’s latest report on child trafficking into the UK. Cause for Concern? includes interviews with social services in all 33 of London’s boroughs to gauge social workers’ awareness of trafficking and record cases of children who have been trafficked to the capital. Twenty-six boroughs reported that they had worked directly with children who had…


Reference Guide On Protecting the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking in Europe

To improve the protection of child victims in anti-trafficking efforts, UNICEF developed the Guide- lines on Protection of the Rights of Child Victims of Trafficking. The Guidelines outline the minimum standards for safe-guarding the rights of child victims of trafficking at each stage of anti-trafficking interventions.  This Guide aims to be a practical tool to…


Human Trafficking in Puerto Rico: An Invisible Challenge

Provides an in-depth exploration of the problem of human trafficking in Puerto Rico by way of valuable research and current data on the various forms of trafficking, including commercial sexual exploitation, labor exploitation and so- called “purchased marriages.” Drawing on these findings, the study also examines existing government responses and makes a number of specific…

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What does child mining look like, America?

The following article is written by friend and partner Roger-Claude Liwanga, a native of the DRC. It is startling first-hand observation and reporting.  Roger-Claude, Founder, and Casondra Turner-Liwanga, Co-founder and Director of Operations at Promote Congo, work tirelessly to improve human rights and the social and legal landscape of the DRC.  They are determined that no obstacle is immovable.…

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Human Trafficking Solutions

In the past months I’ve noticed a marked increase in searches for “Human Trafficking Solutions”. They’re escalating weekly as people are learning just how serious the problem of slavery has become. The difficulty for many making these searches is that there are no easy, complete or final solutions. Numbers and statistics are helpful and harmful depending on…

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Slaves At Home – Domestics: The invisible, unquestioned house slave.

The category of Slavery known as “Domestic” is so ubiquitous internationally as to be paradoxically invisible.  The term maid is interchangeable with  house slave.  In many affluent, caste, ethnic, religious or financially divided areas owning maids is an accepted practice .  Some countries have newspaper advertising sections devoted to the buying and selling of maids. We have…

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Slavery everyone averts their eyes from: Maimed Child Beggars

Certain types of slavery or human trafficking get very small amounts of press coverage.  The more sensational ($ for media outlet), the more coverage.  Sextrafficking gets the lion’s share and to be fair, is the biggest percentage in many areas, but there are still huge numbers enslaved in the other forms and even in sex…

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Flying to Freedom: Ideas on stopping the “slave ships” of today.

Trafficking - The transportation of goods or passengers: the action of dealing or trading in something illegal. It’s ironic that a term I’ve long objected to as a proxy for slavery (too ambiguous), should be instrumental in defining part of the solution to the problem. Application of  knowledge to it’s dictionary-defined use, specifically transportation or movement of those considered by their captors as “goods”…

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Slavery – Big Picture/Little Picture & Other Personal Theories: Part 1.

Search the Internet for information on Human Trafficking and you’ll find a large amount of the returns are focused on sex trafficking, specifically girls and women forced into prostitution. Sex trafficking is unarguably a horrendous crime.  The more you investigate the more you learn how it devastates millions of children and adults of both genders around…


China: Gendercide, Human Trafficking To Fill The Void – Now what?

Having traveled a bit in China’s interior years ago and to Hong Kong several times, I’ve always taken interest in developments there.  Now China features heavily in the trafficking news crossing my path, as well as the daily economic and political links between East and West. I find their current situation both fascinating in it’s…

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CHINA: One Child Policy = Exploding Human Trafficking Problem

No mater how nonsensical the equation there’s no denying the immense consequences of female infanticide.   China is not the only country suffering from this problem. They’ve been more public about their policy and have a higher profile but the gender value imbalance around the world has efficiently spread this tragedy like an Old Testament plague. The…