“They Respect Their Animals More”: Voices of Child Domestic Workers

The product of group discussions and individual interviews with more than 400 current and former child domestic workers from urban and rural areas in Benin, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Tanzania and Togo, to inform about the situation and needs of child domestic workers in order to better target programmes and policies on the…


The Cocoa Industry in West Africa: A History of Exploitation

Provides an in-depth analysis of how cocoa is produced and how child and slave labour enter its chain of production. It relates the history of cocoa and explores how this commodity fits within a global market. Drawing on a wide range of sources, it concludes with recommendations for consumers, the chocolate industry and governments on…


Child Domestic Workers: Finding a Voice – A Handbook on Advocacy

Draws on the experience of activists from 17 countries and representatives of internaitonal and regional agencies who attended a workshop that Anti-Slavery International convened in April 2001. A practical “how to” guide which will help local level NGOs and activists plan, design, implement and evaluate the impact of an advocacy strategy on child domestic workers.…


Implementing the Roadmap for Achieving the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour by 2016: Training guide for policy makers

Provides the core building blocks of a comprehensive training programme that facilitates dialogue, understanding and increased capacity to end child labour, with an emphasis on its worst forms. It is designed to help national governments, the social partners and other stakeholders to work together to develop or improve their own national roadmap and adopt and…

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What does child mining look like, America?

The following article is written by friend and partner Roger-Claude Liwanga, a native of the DRC. It is startling first-hand observation and reporting.  Roger-Claude, Founder, and Casondra Turner-Liwanga, Co-founder and Director of Operations at Promote Congo, work tirelessly to improve human rights and the social and legal landscape of the DRC.  They are determined that no obstacle is immovable.…

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Human Trafficking Solutions

In the past months I’ve noticed a marked increase in searches for “Human Trafficking Solutions”. They’re escalating weekly as people are learning just how serious the problem of slavery has become. The difficulty for many making these searches is that there are no easy, complete or final solutions. Numbers and statistics are helpful and harmful depending on…