The Slavery Bites© Campaign

We can be Heroes for more than one day…

We know with certainty that Slavery is wrong, yet it is rampant globally.  Children are the most vulnerable prey, even in America, where the victimized number in the hundreds of thousands.

On September 25, 2012 President Obama made the most significant speech addressing Slavery in America since Abraham Lincoln gave us the Emancipation Proclamation.  He then issued an Executive Order outlining our country’s plan against Slavery, endorsed by governmental contracts and actions and strategy for our nation’s fight to end this atrocity.

Individual understanding

Reconciling slavery’s existence in our own yard and globally is grim. Our kids are in danger. That’s staggering.

It’s difficult to teach children to defend themselves from a threat most adults don’t fully comprehend. The escalating numbers of trafficked children have driven the counter-trafficking fields in the search for effective methods to help children and their parents recognize the threat of slavery and human trafficking, and how to protect themselves.

A peer to peer solution

Looking for a common thread of interest spanning countries, languages and cultures around the world, we’ve found a surprising common denominator: The supernatural/superhero genre of YA literature/film and TV, especially those involving vampires, werewolves, or heroes with extraordinary abilities.

While these might seem unlikely candidates, the characters are not the one-dimensional bad guys of a generation ago. The appeal of this genre is massive and global in scope. Tracking the fan base of just one specific TV series through popular media we were able to find fervent fans on almost every continent, in a stunning number of countries and range of languages.  Most importantly, the fan base wass solidly in the defined at-risk category of young people vulnerable to trafficking. Also surprisingly, the strength of the fan base appears consistent across every socioeconomic group, both in America and internationally.

Why this will work

Peer to peer sharing of popular culture is universal and can spread at phenominal speed.  Studying this method of spreading our message led us to examples of three lead characters in CW’s The Vampire Diaries, all of whom have a personal connection through family country of origin or humanitarian work, to our subject.

Characters from other leading shows and theatrical film, such as Teen WolfBeauty and the Beast, X-Men and others also have enormous impact and loyalty from our target audience. They listen to these actors and characters.

More good news concerning this approach: Because of the commercial success of the supernatural/superhero genre, more shows, films and books will continue to be produced that fit in with our Slavery Bites© concept.

Quick facts

In the US, the average age of trafficked girls is 12–14 yrs but growing younger, and boys are 11-13 yrs.  (US Health and Human Services)

Cases of human trafficking have been reported in all 50 United States. (Department of Justice)

An estimated 300,000 American youths are at risk of commercial sexual exploitation. (FBI)

A unique campaign engaging youth from the vast pop culture appeal of vampire, werewolf and superhero films, television, and books.

Raising awareness of Human Trafficking, The Slavery Bites© Campaign design makes an immediate, recognizable impression.

It allows instant message absorption and suggests a reaction: To fight back!

The viewer is proactive the moment they read the tag: Bite Back.

Awareness is critical.

Awareness defends.




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The Slavery Bites© We can be Heroes for more than one day..