Slavery Today

“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light”
Norman B. Rice


A Multidisciplinary Journal of Human Trafficking Solutions

Volume 3, Issue 1 – August 2016

Book Review: Collaborating Against Human Trafficking: Cross Sector Challenges and Practices (Author: Dr. Kirsten Foot)

Reviewed by Eve Aronson, M.A.

Book Review: Enslaved: The New British Slavery (Author: Rahila Gupta)

Reviewed by Amber L. Hulsey, A.B.D. and David L. Butler, Ph.D.

Learning From Incidents to Improve Services: Kenyan Victims’ Reaction to a Migrant Labour Scam in Thailand

by Oscar Mmbali, B DIV

Prosecuting Human Trafficking – Progress in the UK

by Kate Garbers

The Relationship Between Human Rights Violations and Human Trafficking

by Julia Muraszkiewicz, LLM

Listening to Local and Foreign Sex Buyers of Men and Women in Cambodia

by Samantha Miller, MAICS, Glenn Miles, PhD and James Havey

Measuring Government Responses to Modern Slavery: Vietnam Case Study

by Bodean Hedwards, PhD candidate, and Katharine Bryant, M.A.

Thinking Beyond the Escape: Evaluating the Reintegration of Child Soldiers in Uganda

by Jillian LaBranche, M.A.

Slavery Today: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Human Trafficking Solutions is dedicated to research, theory, and practical application in eradicating slavery. It is a nexus of critical thought for all fields relating to understanding and combating modern slavery and is unique in its focus on the issues of slavery and human trafficking.

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